• Protect Farmers From Biotech Control: IFOAM Joins Global GMO

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    IFOAM is involved in different advocacy campaigns with the aim of efficiently promoting Organic Agriculture on a global level. This OWC pre-event will be held in the format of a workshop to provide an overview of IFOAM's campaigns and the opportunity to further develop the strategy of the body as well as joint activities. Items for the upcoming revision of the IFOAM Position on Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organisms will also be collected.

    Organic farming, the systematic conversion of land to certified practices that ensure food safety and security from the farm to the table, a comprehensive and fully traceable system, is developing rapidly throughout the world.

    The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) has joined the Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC) in a move that has added to the pressure currently being applied on the Biotech industry worldwide.

    IFOAM has added its powerful voice to the growing number of GGFC partners, as the fight to protect pesticide-free agriculture and food gains pace, under the dark cloud of the Biotech industry’s current concerted push into Asia and Africa.

    Andre Leu, the President of IFOAM, who has also joined the GGFC Steering Committee, stated on Dec 4, 2014 that “ IFOAM is looking forward to working with all the partners in the Global GMO Free Coalition to assist farmers and consumers around the world in the fight against this dangerous and scientifically untested technology that is largely based on data free assumptions when it comes to environmental and human health safety.”

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    All organic regulations around the world prohibit the use of GMOs in organic products, as they are in stark contrast to the philosophy of organic farming. The organic movement and IFOAM EU also strongly opposes GMO use and demands that all GMO contamination of non-GMO materials be prevented by the GMO producer in accordance with the polluter pays principle.

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