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    eatThere’s something about homemade foods that people are loving them everywhere, there not expensive, in the aspect of buying the component ingredients to make one. They are love because they are made in a way that people would be tasting them as if their mom cooks it for them. There are factors why they are a lot tastier compare to commercialized food. They are cook in a fresh ingredients which gives you a stronger flavor, they also come out to be healthier because most of ingredients that are used for cooking can only be found at the backyard, which is so organic.

    If you feed yourself with food that are prepared in your own kitchen   you will have a sense of peace knowing how safe it is to be consumed, in additional to that you get to choose what ingredients to use on your dish, this will make you eat more and in line with how you want it to be cooked and served.  Come to think about food that are processed outside, you have no idea how it was made, all you could know is how they are being served 

    A California man was becoming locally famous for his baked bread. When it reached a newspaper feature, he and the stores selling his bread were descended upon by the health department. This treatment eventually led to the California Homemade Food Act in January 2013. Since then, over 1,200 homemade businesses were launched in California.

    New Jersey is getting in on the homemade food action – with a twist.

    New Jersey's lower house of legislature just unanimously passed a cottage food bill that would allow baked goods to be sold from home kitchens. Unlike some state laws, there is no income cap. All that is needed is a visible placard stating that the food was prepared at home. There are around 20 other states that finally do not have a revenue cap.

    If New Jersey's law goes through – there are only four more states left that do not have cottage food laws. If …

    Food in the restaurant uses higher levels of salt and other ingredients to make their food taste better when they are served. But if you cook you meals at home, it   will give you control on the amount of ingredients you should add to your food. This means that your diet is more controlled.


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