• Opening a CAN with your bare hands

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    Opening a Can with your bare handsAlright, let’s try to make life a little bit harder for one second, this may sound like a martyrdom or a heroic venture but really when life gets harder in an odd events that may likely come, we panic on the situation we are not familiar with. Imagine you went out camping on a very far place, in the middle of the forest and brought all your favorite out door canned foods and when you get there you realize you left all your survival equipment and you are just left with all your can goods, what a waste! Believe me you don’t want to be in this scenario. You are left with canned foods with no can opener, no knife, and spoon. Your survival will depend only on the provision you have in your bag. But what challenges you is how you are going to open those metal made canned goods and eat them for you survival.

    This article will do its best to give you -ideas on how to open a can without your can opener, first off is that, your perception of cans must change first, when you think about its traits and often concede that it’s a hard object, its metal made and hard to break. Well, yes these traits are true, however you only see what’s outside of it, you don’t notice that thou its metal made, they are shallow.

    To open a can when you have nothing in a deep forest you need to find a rock! Make sure it’s a huge solid rock, now I know what you’re thinking, no its not! We are not going to smash it over and crashed it, you need a rock so that you can position your can flat on top of the rock (if you can find a flat rock-it’s going to be a lot better) the idea is to rub the can over and over again back and forth to the rock until its side edge cover wears thin and when it does, the cover will just detach from the can and you’ll have access on your food.

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