• Hardcore Prepping

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    We have created a chain reaction of events that has lead us deep down along the way.

    Different kinds of prepping, they way we do prepping as an individual will lead us to what we will end up. We get frustrated if we do not meet our expectations.

    Prepping In Real Time

    When we haven’t achieved our goals in the time expected, we begin losing focus and frustrated. This could be because of the short attention spans our society has. Our need for immediate results can wreak havoc on a prepper’s long term desire to be prepared. To avoid this, we have to admit at the very beginning this is not a short-lived hobby, but a long-term lifestyle change that will take time, energy and an ongoing pursuit for knowledge. It can take years of studying and practicing skills to get to the point of being a hardcore prepper. Years! Anyone who thinks differently is fooling themselves and will set themselves up for failure because of these preconceived notions. Rather than looking at the end result and growing frustrated because you aren’t at the point you wanted to be, stay focused on the starting point: Why are you preparing in the first …

    Whether your goal is to be a hardcore prepper or not, give yourself kudos for taking the steps to getting your household prepared and for taking the time to learn new skills. We all grow frustrated in time when this is a long-term quest for knowledge and skills.

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