• Omega-3s Could Help Kids Sleep

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    Increasing your children’s intake of Omega 3 may improve their sleep , according to a new study done at the University of Oxford in the UK. The study which is the first of its kind, was designed to explore potential links between fatty acids and sleep in healthy children, and the interesting findings will be published in the Sleep Research Journal. The study showed that the children who were given the omega-3 supplement , slept almost an hour more, with seven less instances of awakening during the night. Some previous research has shown that consumption of the long-chain omega 3 contributes to multiple numbers of benefits , such as improved concentration, improved reading and spelling ability, as well as decreasing disruptive behaviors.

    Natural Health News — Getting more omega-3 DHA, the group of long-chain fatty acids found in algae and seafood, could help children sleep better.

    As part of  a  randomised placebo-controlled pilot study, researchers at the University of Oxford, UK, explored whether supplementing with algal source DHA would improve the sleep of 362 children.

    The children who took part in the study were not selected for sleep problems, but were all struggling readers at a mainstream primary school.

    However, at the outset, the parents filled in a child sleep questionnaire which revealed that 40% of the children had clinical-level sleep problems, such as resistance to bedtime, anxiety about sleep and constant waking in the course of the night.

    The researchers also used bloodstick samples to determine levels of omega-3 and omega-6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFA).

    Better sleep

    Over the 16 weeks of the study the children were given daily supplements containing 600mg of algal source …

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