• Non-Organic Food –Shouldn’t be Labeled Organic

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    Screen-Shot-2014-03-04-at-8.51.08-AMWhy is it so important to label your goods “organic?” this has been a debate while the government re-labeled some of the non-organic food and joins the organic rosters of food. Non-organic goods are not likely to prosper on a raging war against the pro organic organizations. This goes to show that people are now aware about these rotten products that Monsanto and the rest of its ally have been feeding the people with. Their products are integrated with chemicals that are process to supposedly boost the characteristic of the crops or fruits, or whatever they could lay their hand on. But the opposite happened, instead of helping the people, their products have brought a plague over the consumers. People are starting to get side effects from that food they are eating –GMO foods.
    After the huge marched against Monsanto, the company began to work over these issues in a decisive manner, they become desperate and even sued some local farmers for infringement. But it didn’t proper, but Recently some of the Key players of GMO were able to lure the government about re-labeling some of their products (non-organic food) and be included in the organic group of food in the market. This has spark a huge debate between the two groups, and the government.

    Alexis Baden-Mayer, let it be known, that all who eat food in the USA owe you a great debt of gratitude and should applaud your integrity and courage. Thank you for standing our collective ground for keeping organic foods and their labeling from bastardization.
    On April 29th “representatives of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and March Against Monsanto San Antonio (MAMSA) staged a protest at the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting in San Antonio, Texas.” [2]
    Apparently, the reason for the protests centers around changes to the National Organic Program (NOP) listed here, which I encourage every reader to read carefully, especially §205.601 Synthetic substances allowed for use in organic crop production wherein heretofore substances, chemicals, etc. not permitted in organic agriculture, etc. will be permitted.

    Here are what this writer would call “wiggle-room-words” – “may only be used when the provisions set forth in §205.206(a) through (d) prove insufficient to prevent …

    It is very important that we should be able to differentiate organic to non-organic products in the market. We have to send a message to those responsible for messing up the nature, that they will not prosper, they cannot hide their products from the eyes of the consumer.

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