• Non-GMO For Now: 5 Foods You Might Not Know

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    By now, you've likely heard about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the controversy over whether they're the answer to world hunger or the devil incarnate.

    Despite the vast amount of quality information out there, there is still a fair amount of misinformation, or at the least content that implies a truth that may not be reality.

    But there are also plenty of food crops and foods in general that are typically not genetically modified, and may be a more ethical and smart purchase when organic and other non-GMO options aren’t available.

    With that in mind, here are five foods you might not know are (mostly) non-GMO:

    1. Tomatoes– The infamous “FlavrSavr” tomato was developed by a smaller company and eventually acquired by Monsanto, but the product never got off the ground after its approval and was scrapped.

    The tomato had been created in order to prolong shelf-life, much like the controversial new “Arctic” GMO apple that is up for approval, but the product did not meet expectations and disappeared from the market after peaking in 1998.

    According to the website …

    Not everyone agrees that GMOs are safe to eat, especially over the long term. The European Union remains decidedly skeptical, with very few approved GE crops grown on the continent and mandatory labeling in place for products that contain GMOs. Some scientists fear that GMOs could cause allergies in humans. Others point to the environmental consequences of the farming of GE crops.

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