• Natural Remedy Can Help IBS Sufferers

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    In many people who have IBS, eating may trigger symptoms. But for most people, there is not a particular type of food that triggers symptoms. IBS can also be triggered by stress. Because there are no structural problems in the intestines of people who have IBS, some people may think this means that the symptoms “are all in their head.”

    by Dr. Victor Marchione

    Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is one of those conditions that seems personal to each individual. Although IBS symptoms can be categorized under a general group, each person has a slightly different combination of complaints. Perhaps this is why, for many, standard treatments don’t seem to work.

    If you or someone you know falls into this category, here’s an alternative treatment that’s proving to be safe and effective: hypnosis. In a recent study, researchers randomly assigned 138 patients to receive either 12 sessions of hypnosis or placebo. All the patients did not respond to standard therapy.

    The researchers found that almost 40% of the participants responded favorably to the hypnosis treatments, in comparison to 11% in the control group. Those in the hypnosis group experienced a 25% drop in symptom scores. The placebo group, which did not see the same improvements in symptoms, were given advice about their diets, …

    Eliminate the most common food allergens for 12 weeks — that’s dairy, gluten, yeast, eggs, corn, soy, and peanuts. And then reintroduce them to see if they cause symptoms. This is an effective way to isolate the foods that may be causing you problems.



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