• Monsanto: Quite a Desperate Move

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    Monsanto Quite a Desperate MoveMonsanto produces products that can cause death to the consumers. What they do is alter nature in a very dreadful way. Instead of helping it to be more productive, the result was quite the opposite, they violated the law of nature and putting our crops to their lab and used as subject for their experiment, and what happen next is that they sell this product around the community and the consumer gets all the all the side effects they can get from GMO products. The thing about GMO crops, bacteria grows inside the crop and goes along with the crops and later became a threat to nature, the bacteria turns insecticides as it contaminates healthy genes with harmful genes. GM corn is cultivated and has toxic chemical right inside a corn kernel. And this corn are served in your house without you knowing it.

    After this giant was denied of the government’s favor they started losing the battle, their products are now hated by many, and agencies everywhere are joining the call for zero GMO products all over the county. To hit back the people, Monsanto sued over 40 farmers on the basis of for “patent infringements”

    A high-profile court case against Monsanto, for that very reason, made it all the way to the Supreme Court. All the 80+ farmers and groups involved essentially lost, when the Court refused to hear the case, thereby sealing previous decisions. Monsanto can sue with full immunity if one percent or more of a farmer's crop contains their patented seeds. Could that have anything to do with former Monsanto attorney Clarence Thomas being on the bench?

    It's not really too shocking of the outspoken Carrey to have made such a remark to the graduates. The March Against Monsanto was taking place when he spoke, May 24th, and #EndMonsanto was a top-trending social media hashtag. Additionally, Maharishi University is known for their ayurvedic philosophies and organic health outlook. They are the first college to offer organic vegetarian meals to their students.

    If Carrey's speech doesn't draw eyes on the acts of Monsanto and similar …

    The battle between the activists and Biotech companies continue. They will not stop until they get what they want, they will try to expand their reach and have their products displayed in market places.

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