• Medicate Our Milk: Big Dairy Wants

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    Try as I might to get all excited over green beans and squash, I’d much rather talk about milk cows and home dairying. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the gardening aspect of my homestead, but animal husbandry is just more of my thing I suppose… And did I mention that I have a pretty severe brown thumb? Yeah… that might have something to do with it.

    I firmly believe the family milk cow is going to be the next status symbol. And heck, if you don’t have room for a cow, there’s no shame in a dairy goat (or sheep) instead.

    Regardless of what species you choose, home dairying has got to be one of the most satisfying aspects of homesteading–even if you aren’t as prejudiced as I am. However, since it’s been several generations since the family milk cow was commonplace, most folks have a bunch of questions on the topic. And that’s not surprising, since most of us (including myself) grew up with the white stuff from the store.

    The Ontario Dairy Council shared in funding a study showing that the anti-cancer properties of green tea can remain bioavailable when extracted and placed in a milk medium. The Dairy Council is looking to enhance profits with a value-added substance.

    Which leads one to ask, Why not just drink green tea? Even better, stop pasteurizing and homogenizing milk; stop adding hormones and antibiotics to the cow’s diet and reap the benefits of a truly probiotic superfood: organic raw milk.

    Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the major extractable polyphenol in green tea and the most biologically active, inhibits tumor formation, reduces cancer cell proliferation, increases normal cell death, and suppresses the formation of new blood vessels feeding tumors, the study reported.

    EGCG has numerous medicinal applications on top of those mentioned in the study. GreenMedInfo lists over 100 other studies on EGCG benefits, including:

    • Suppresses MRSA infection in the elderly;
    • Enhances fat oxidation, thus reducing …

    And yet the evidence is overwhelming – over many generations elitists have been working covertly within select government agencies, multinational corporations and faux-humanitarian organizations toward the goals of drastic population reduction. In particular, independent media has found overwhelming evidence of corruption/crime in chemical spraying. depleted uranium, food contamination, and public water contamination.

    He concludes that while these activities may be “legal” in that power-holders wrote laws to allow such mass contaminations, they are neither lawful nor just.

    Medicating our food for nefarious motives or for mere value-added profit is symptomatic of a bent society lacking in community values. The more that Big Food seeks to enhance profits, the scarier their products get.

    Aspartame, one of the most widely used chemical sweeteners, has undergone extensive testing and is proclaimed safe by the government. But other studies have emerged that question the long-term health effects of artificial sweeteners.

    Diet sodas, teas and fruit juices have been linked in scientific research to a greater risk of depression, heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes and — despite their “diet” nature — weight gain.

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