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    Does it seem that the kids have forgotten what the garden looks like or the park across the street? Is their conversation dotted with TV show lingo and do they base their next week's schedule around what's on TV? And the big question – are your kids glued to the TV all the time? If so, time to take control and give them a new lease on life that does not revolve around the box

    By Dr. Mercola

    If you want to give your child a head start in life, do them a favor and keep the TV turned off as much as possible. And at the very least, make sure you do not put a TV in your young child’s bedroom.

    It may seem harmless, and perhaps even educational, to let your child watch some TV, but as the latest research shows doing so may actually hinder their cognitive development.

    TV Makes It Harder for Preschoolers to Understand ‘Theory of Mind’

    Theory of mind is an important milestone in social and cognitive development, which children typically reach during their preschool years. A developed “theory of mind” allows children to understand differences between mental states like beliefs, desires, and pretend, while also understanding that others’ beliefs and desires may be different from their own.

    A more developed theory of mind leads to better social relationships. Even at a young age, …

    Set a good example. It should go without saying that your behavior matters. What you do will demonstrate to the kids what is okay to do. Watch less TV yourself, remove any TV from your bedroom, participate in the kids' activities, and be active in sports, fitness, and exercise. You will not only be setting your kids a great example but you'll be doing yourself a favor, too. Just see how much more time emerges in your day when you restrict the TV viewing!


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