• Reduce Serious Disease Risks in Diabetics With Dietary Changes

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    Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the United States. Stroke is the No. 4 cause of death in the United States. One reason these statistics are fact is undeniably a lack of commitment to a heart-healthy lifestyle. Your lifestyle is not only your best defense against heart disease and stroke, it's also your responsibility.

    I always like to provide the most recent evidence regarding how you can improve your own health status. Health tips that involve small changes are usually a great place for you to start to become a healthier person.

    In my opinion, even small changes to your diet can often make a large impact on certain factors that could put you at greater risk for the development of disease or help you manage a specific disease.

    Type 2 diabetes is a case in point. Did you know that you can reduce your risk of serious heart disease if you have diabetes just by changing your diet? Yes, it’s true that even some small changes in your present diet can affect those at risk of developing more serious complications due to type 2 diabetes.

    Some recent evidence has indicated that those people presently suffering from type 2 diabetes who change their diet by …

    The role of diet is crucial in the development and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Diet is one of the key things you can change that will impact all other cardiovascular risk factors. Comparisons between a diet low in saturated fats, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and the typical diet of someone living in the developed world show that in the former there is a 73% reduction in the risk of new major cardiac events.

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