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    HomeopathyHomeopathy is known to be a complex medicine which engage to treat those that have highly diluted substances, they are disseminated in a form of tablet. The idea is to set off the body’s natural system and to heal by itself. Symptoms are most likely the basis of how they are going to be treated, and will match the most suitable medicine to each patient according to their needs. Homeopathy is structured on its fundamental ground, and that is to treat “like with like”, that is, an element which causes symptoms when an outsized doses of it is taken, they use a small amount to create an adverse effect to the symptoms. For example, if an individual is allergic to chocolate, based on this principle, some elements that can be found in chocolates can be made into a homeopathic medicine, and be used to treat people with these symptoms.
    This notion is fairly used in conventional medicine, one instance is -the stimulant Ritalin is utilized to cure patients with ADHD, or small doses of allergens such as pollen are also used to de-sensitize who have allergies. Moreover, the major advantage with homeopathic medicines is that these substances are used in an ultra-high dilutions, this therefore makes these substances non-toxic.

    According to the Society of Homeopaths, skin conditions are one of the most common problems seen by homoeopaths and there are a number of homoeopathic remedies with a long tradition of use in treating skin ailments.
    A recent survey by Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy found that over one quarter of Britons believe that their skin reacts to changes in their lifestyle.
    Of the changes in lifestyle that their skin most reacts to most, 34% names illness, 33% lack of sleep and 27% named changes in their diet.
    These statistics come on top of the one in ten people affected by conditions such as mild eczema (see our article here) and mild acne in the UK and this year’s campaign will be raising awareness of how homoeopathy can be used to help relieve symptoms.
    Homoeopathy has much to offer those suffering from skin complaints.
    For example, in Japan, scientists studied 17 atopic eczema patients whose skin disease …

    It is very important to make this method known to people, this would give them another options even a healthier choice for treatment, after all they are prove to be non-toxic, safe and very promising.

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