• Has Sleep Become Your Enemy?

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    This simple, proven solution offers everyone quality, refreshing rest

    Lunar SleepEvery night it’s the same story: Exhausted, you settle down for some quality rest. Your partner falls fast asleep, but you have trouble drifting off to dreamland. For no apparent reason at all, you can’t sleep.

    You’re tired, wide awake and there’s no rest in sight. A warm bath, hot milk, good book, counting sheep – you've tried them all. Defeated, you get up in the middle of the night and find yourself watching television, completing household chores or sharing your frustration on social media.

    You’re not alone. Studies show that a whopping one in five Americans experience trouble sleeping. What do you do? Where do you turn? Is tossing and turning all night long your only option?

    In Search of Some Sleep

    Lunar SleepInsomnia is a real problem. Its symptoms include difficulty falling sleep or staying asleep.

    While many experts, including the National Institutes of Health, recommend a solid seven to eight hours of sleep every night for adults, those with sleep disorders like insomnia don’t even get a fraction of that amount. They may have trouble with memory loss, falling asleep at inappropriate times or having difficulty keeping focused on tasks during the daytime hours.

    The situation goes way beyond just missing some sleep. Insomnia can be a major detriment to your overall health. You see, when your body isn't able to get the rest it needs or enter into the REM deep sleep phase, your heart and major muscle groups miss the opportunity to completely relax and replenish. This causes them to continue working much harder than a heart and muscles of a normally sleeping person.

    With the heart impacted, this can possibly lead to higher blood pressure, lower oxygen levels, weight gain, heart issues and overwhelming fatigue during the day and night.

    Most insomniacs are desperate for an effective solution.

    Catch some zzzzz

    Lunar Sleep is a safe, non-habit forming, all-natural sleep aid. One of its active natural ingredients is melatonin, a natural hormone made by the pineal gland. It’s the choice of many in search of a quality night’s rest.

    With Lunar Sleep, many users reports falling asleep quickly, staying asleep all night and waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

    Amazing results

    When you are serious about getting some rest and gaining the health and vitality benefits that only quality sleep can provide, try Lunar Sleep. Many users purchase the product out of desperation, but keep using it because of the amazing results.

    Lunar Sleep

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