• Climate Change –The Mask of Global Warming

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    global-warming-record-temperatures-2012-537x442We are often prompt that what is happening around especially concerning the weather is a result of climate change. Well, that is partly correct, the weather naturally changes over time, and in fact it’s a normal thing. However, majority of what we experience, concerning the weather, the sick condition of the earth and its atmosphere, the heavy storm, unbelievable winter and a scorching summer is not a result of climate change, the climate is not just changing but it is also have gotten worst .
    Global warming is irreversible, and not to cause you too much worry about your surrounding it is getting worst every second. We utilize so much and have taken advantage in technology, so much that we no longer respect the balance of the eco system. We burned plastic all over the world, we consumed fuels every second even as you read this article someone is burning something somewhere without the care in the world. it is too lunatic of us not being able to feel the shiver that our very being is experiencing right now as we are approaching to an uncertain days.

    Researchers from the UK noticed that in the recent flood of frenzied Climate Change hype, something crucial was lost.
    Our very grounds. What we are dealing with, right now. Something that if lost, we stop. Immediately.
    New research from the University of Kent suggests that recent high levels of media coverage for climate change may have deflected attention and funding from biodiversity loss.
    In a paper published by the journal Bioscience, Kent conservationists also recommend that, to prevent biodiversity from becoming a declining priority, conservationists need to leverage the importance of climate change to obtain more funds and draw attention to other research areas such as biodiversity conservation.
    For the study, the team conducted a content analysis of newspaper coverage in four US publications: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. And four UK publications: The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, and the Financial Times. Academic peer-reviewed …

    We should be worrying on what is to come, seriously, we are literally destroying the only planet in our solar system and possibly the entire universe that supports life. We are now starting to notice the effects of our abusive act but our responds are so passive. We need to wake up before it’s too late.

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