• Shaken Baby Syndrome: Weighing Basis of Its Cause

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    This particular sickness is said to be the result of a violent act of shaking a baby rendered by adults, abusive parents and most of the time –care givers. Most shaken baby reported injuries happen to infants below 1 year old, most common is when they are 4 to 5 months old. Infants have a thinner skull, vulnerable to pretty much anything, their blood vessels are so sensitive and easily get damage compare to growing children and adults. They also have a flatter skull, which will cause a sudden force when a baby is violently shaken. Infants and sometimes growing children are the most susceptible to this kind of injury because their head is noticeably larger than the rest of their body, and their neck muscles are fairly weak, it will have a hard time supporting the head.

    Thou there are numerous studies and reports pin pointing SBS to be the result of the parents’, adults’, baby sitters’ mishandling of babies, this doesn’t mean or directly declared to be the only cause of the sickness. For the Sake of fair and good argument, the writer is trying to explain the possibilities and other cause of such illness. We could be wrong about convicting people from a wrong grounds.

    In one article I read online, the writer has carefully put in detailed manner the basis and studies that SBS not being directly link to cases of parents and caregivers shaking infants violently to be the only result of such illness.

    This writer has been contacted by advocates for those serving prison terms—the stories are truly heart-breaking. Furthermore, I have co-authored with Harold E. Buttram, an MD board certified in environmental medicine, several articles discussing in great depth brain damage, encephalopathy, SBS, and how there are other contributing factors – or even contraindications – that the medical and legal professions ignore and, apparently, do not want to consider. That, in my opinion, is tantamount to medical and legal malpractice coupled with false imprisonment of innocent individuals.

    However, an evidentiary hearing, new preponderance of scientific-medical evidence, and a judge’s ruling in the case of daycare worker Jennifer Del Prete redefines “taken for granted” shaken baby syndrome as “an article of faith” – at least in the Del Prete case. Mrs. Del Prete was charged with first degree murder and sentenced to twenty years in prison in the death of a three-month-old infant in …

    Prejudice is present even in the world of medical practice, despite their devoted efforts to know and find cures on sicknesses, this doesn’t warrant them perfect perception or conclusion on the matter, they are also susceptible to false theory. I believe they should always review their works to thin out flaws on medical reports and conclusions, by this, public will be a lot safer both from health illness and possible persecutions.

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