• Save Time DIY: 10 Gardening Hacks

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    Gardening is one of the most rewarding home hobbies you can do. It's fun, sustainable and you get healthy, tasty results. A lot of people like the idea of gardening but find excuses like it's too time consuming, it's too expensive, they don't have enough space, blah blah blah. There's no room for excuses when going green, all you need is a little initiative and a little ingenuity to overcome these so called excuses. Here are 10 killer garden hacks that can help you save time, space and money while satisfying your green thumb.

    Every good gardener knows that it can be a continual and trying process of trial and error. Movie and book montages depict a little work, a little dirt, and voila! food for all.

    But anyone who has tried has learned the work that goes into a garden, enjoyable as it is. It's not always a first-time success, so it can be tedious learning all the tricks of the trade as you go along.

    This video demonstrates ten quick tips handed down from experienced gardeners which save time, increase your growing space and reduce costs.

    You can find cool gardening hacks hiding all over the web but after pulling this together I found that the most comprehensive round up is at life hacker.

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