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    GMO Crops BannedYou don’t need to be a nutritionist to understand how harmful it is to have GMO food serves at your table for you and your family to eat, this idea is driven by madness. It started as a good ambition –to grow a healthier, bigger and better crops compare to the ordinary. But the result seems to be the opposite, people who have tried GMO goods, have not only regret its unnatural tastes but they also suffer from its side effects. There are numbers of proofs, evidences to pin out their products as a reason of these illnesses.

    GMO is relentless, giving false reason why people should try their products, they have their own researchers, studying their products, crops and figuring out how safe it is for the consumers, but as expected the company gets the result they wanted at the end of the day. This is one tactics that they are employing to deviate the people from the facts. Good thing these days, consumers are getting smarter, their choices of food have become healthier, and they seek organic food instead of food that are made in the Lab.

    Thanks to the help of those independent researchers who spend their time unveiling the truth concerning GMO schemes. They are exposing their flaws and inform the public about it, as a result; they become lovers of organic products. Two counties in the State of Oregon have started to make a sound, people are voting to ban all GMO crops within their areas.

    In Jackson county, 66 percent of the residents voted for an ordinance to require farmers to “harvest, destroy or remove all genetically engineered plants” within a year. Although, results won't be official, or certified, for another three weeks.

    That proposal was two years in the making, upon concerns of GMO contamination via wind drifts to non-GMO fields.

    Josephine county residents opted for a similar measure, but legal challenges are anticipated as the county still falls under a law passed last year that prohibits GMO bans.

    RT puts it this way:

    A similar measure in Josephine County passed with 57 percent of the vote, despite the fact that a new Oregon law labeled the state itself as the only regulator of seeds. Jackson’s proposal had already qualified to be on the ballot then, so it was granted an exemption. The initiative in Josephine did not qualify for an exemption since it was proposed later, but …

    With the overwhelming growth of people, finding out the bad effects of GMO products, there will be more counties are expected to follow this advocacy. People are getting conscious about the food they eat, where it came from and how it was cultivated. This kind attitude is a sign of a green revolution.

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