• GMO And The New Life Form: Radio Host Unloads On Food Nanotech

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    Nanotechnology has begun to find potential applications in the area of functional food by engineering biological molecules toward functions very different from those they have in nature, opening up a whole new area of research and development. Of course, there seems to be no limit to what food technologists are prepared to do to our food and nanotechnology will give them a whole new set of tools to go to new extremes.

    “Jules” is an online radio host and runs UCY.TV. On her morning show recently, she had a lot of information and passion to share about unlabeled and unregulated nanotechnology in your food.

    We are sure that even if you have been closely following issues of genetic engineering and nanotech, you will absolutely learn more from the episode below. Plus, all research links are found below.

    We were astonished at the following information:

    When we're talking about “nanotech,” we're talking about particles at the atomic level

    In your food….entirely unregulated. Unlabeled.

    Childhood developmental disorders: Several recent studies attempt to examine the effects of chronic low-dose manganese overexposure on development in children. The earliest study of this kind was conducted in the Chinese province of Shanxi. Drinking water there had been contaminated through improper sewage irrigation and contained 240–350 µg Mn/L. Although WMn concentrations at or below 300 µg Mn/L were considered safe at the time of …

    Another development being persued is a network of nanosensors and dispensers used throughout a farm field. The sensors recognize when a plant needs nutrients or water, before there is any sign that the plant is deficient. The dispensers then release fertilizer, nutrients, or water as needed, optimizing the growth of each plant in the field one by one.

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