• Getting Rid of Gluten could help you Get rid of “Brain Fog”

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    brain-fogThe hard truth about celiac disease is the fact that its cause is still unknown. Our intestine has a lining and have a small swell on it that contains areas known as villi. Their purpose is to help absorb the nutrients you have ingested. Those who have celiac disease must avoid products that contain gluten, what happen is, if anyone with celiac disease ingested something that has gluten on it, their immune system will be set off to harm the villi. As a result, it will ruin its function, not being able to absorb nutrients. This prevents important components of food from being absorbed.
    Study recently shows that people who have celiac disease and religiously avoids gluten diet will not likely be associated with “Brain Fog” this is because, they found out that a gluten free diet can cure and prevent “Brain Fog.” Those who suffers from it have reported that they’re not able to think as clearly as they used to. It can occur anytime without you knowing, you just realized after the attack, sometime you forgot a lot of things and left starring on something without any idea. You will also find yourself having lack of focus.

    The year-long small pilot study published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics involved 11 patients (8 females, 3 males), newly diagnosed coeliac disease and commencing a gluten-free diet.
    The patients were tested with a battery of cognitive tests at 0, 12 and 52 weeks. Information processing efficacy, memory, visuospatial ability, motoric function and attention were tested.
    At the same time, small bowel biopsies were collected via routine gastroscopy at weeks 12 and 52 and were compared to those taken at the beginning of the study.
    The scientists were then able to compare cognitive performance to serum concentrations of tissue transglutaminase antibodies (which are indicative of autoimmune conditions such as celiac disease), biopsy outcomes and other biological markers.

    Different Alternative and methods of medication concerning brain fog is pursued by many researchers, there had been no concrete study about the root cause of this illness, however there are few factors that are directly link to its occurrence.

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