• Free Plans: How To Build A $50 Greenhouse In Your Yard

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    Become self-reliant! Instead of spending lots of money on pesticide laden, genetically modified veggies you can grow your own. The taste (and nutrition) of home grown food is far superior to the grocery store variety and your cost is almost free.

    Is it time that we all became a little more self reliant? I think so. When we look at the fact that the mainstream idea of food production is becoming more and more out of touch with nature, it becomes clear that we need to begin thinking about growing our own food.
    While we can take the organic route at the supermarket, sometimes the costs can be high and in the end we still don’t quite know where our food is coming from. Not only that, many times even organic food you are buying has traveled many miles before it gets to your table – this means that there are less nutrients in the food. Also, this method of traveling food around simply isn’t sustainable nor a good practice that we put the environment through.

    So what can we do to grow our own food? Here’s one …

    Depending on where you live, a green house can really make a huge difference in the amount of food you can grow throughout the year. These green house plans will show you how to make a hoop house (a kind of greenhouse supported by a hoop structure) that will be 11 feet wide and 15 feet long.

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