• Found In Chronically Ill People A Higher Level Of Glyphosate

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    Glyphosate is used extensively as a non-selective herbicide by both professional applicators and consumers and its use is likely to increase further as it is one of the first herbicides against which crops have been genetically modified to increase their tolerance. Commercial glyphosate-based formulations most commonly range from concentrates containing 41% or more glyphosate to 1% glyphosate formulations marketed for domestic use. They generally consist of an aqueous mixture of the isopropylamine (IPA) salt of glyphosate, a surfactant, and various minor components including anti-foaming and colour agents, biocides and inorganic ions to produce pH adjustment. The mechanisms of toxicity of glyphosate formulations are complicated.

    Natural Health News — A new analysis shows that levels of glyphosate – the active ingredient in the Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup – are significantly higher in people who are chronically ill.

    The study by German researchers also found higher levels of glyphosate in the urine of livestock fed conventional (GMO-containing feed).

    The scientists took urine sample from German dairy cows raised conventionally and in GMO-free areas, as well as organs from slaughtered conventionally reared cows including gut wall, liver, kidney lung and muscles. They also collected urine from Danish cows as well as hares and fattening rabbits (rabbits raised for meat).

    They also took samples from both healthy and chronically ill humans.

    The study results, released ahead of publication in the Journal of Environmental and Analytical Toxicology, showed that cows kept in GM-free regions had significantly lower glyphosate levels than those that were conventionally reared. Sampled organs and tissues from all cows revealed the …

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