• Exercise Helps Gain Good Fat

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    Good or unsaturated fat helps keep arteries clear. It helps us produce good cholesterol and move it around the body, which can reduce the risk of heart disease. And unsaturated fat reduces bad cholesterol, which is linked to heart problems.

    So you might assume that fat is to blame for the obesity epidemic now plaguing our nation. Actually, fat is only part of the problem. Obesity is much more complicated than just overeating a single nutrient. Eating more calories – from fats, carbohydrates, protein, and alcohol – than you burn off leads to weight gain. Simply put, people who get little physical activity and eat a diet high in calories are going to gain weight. Genetics, age, sex, and lifestyle also weigh into the weight-gain formula.

    We’re constantly being told to reduce our body fat content; that’s nothing new. But according to a study from the University of Texas at Galveston’s Medical Branch, there is one type of fat that you may not want to be completely shedding. In fact, it could be beneficial to your health. I’m not talking about the healthy fats you add to your diet, either; here, I’m talking about brown fat.

    Brown fat is typically found in small deposits on the sides of the neck as well as along the spine. Typically, younger people tend to have higher levels of brown fat. Surprisingly, though, thin people also tend to have higher levels of brown fat.

    This discovery of the benefits of brown fat is a boon for individuals looking to lose weight, as well as for patients with diabetes and those with a resistance to insulin. It turns out that individuals with high …

    Once you've established a regular cardio routine, add two or three weight training sessions on nonconsecutive days to your weekly workouts; everyone naturally gains some fat as they age, but building muscle tone can significantly slow the production of belly fat.

    Check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to begin a mini trampoline exercise program. Check the weight limits on your model before attempting to use a mini trampoline. Do not start with the most difficult exercises; choose a beginner-level basic bounce or walk or even a light jog to get used to being on a mini trampoline.

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