• Don’t Vaccinate: Don’t Vaccinate And Is A Targeted For Investigation

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    Measles outbreak that started in California has infected about 100 people, a minority of which are confirmed to be vaccinated. Flare-ups of the highly contagious disease are becoming more common in the U.S., where 19 states have laws letting people choose not to vaccinate their children based on personal belief, rather than solely for medical or religious reasons. While the poor have long had lower rates of vaccination because of the cost, the number of unvaccinated children in other communities who don’t get their shots is growing because of worries vaccines are linked to autism.

    More often than not, doctors are an authority figure in the minds of millions. An image of importance (white coat, swift walk, stethoscope, M.D.) so successful in creating reverence, it is constantly used to shape minds through television programming. Respect the authority.

    In a very obvious and full-throttle move, the Arizona Medical Board is now investigating the doctor for what he said. At the same time, there are calls from “experts” to have such doctors' licenses revoked because somehow, they are creating harm.

    Gaslighting the public and placing blame on the possible “spreaders of disease” and using more force in revoking health freedom, will not bode well even if millions of lemmings come forth to squawk in unison. This egregious and outrageous campaign of mass hysterical proportions is in the measure gauge phase, set for things to come. Part of it includes making examples of doctors and nurses forced to wear

    Such a vaccine, which has not yet been developed, would require sequential administration of a few variants of the HIV proteins that make up the spikes on the surface of the virus, which mutate frequently. This would help the immune system arm itself against a wide range of possible strains of the virus.

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