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    toxic-skin-careThe truth is, we don’t really know the chemicals or the components of your beauty products, given the fact that some chemical terms are included on their labeling schemes, an ordinary consumer would not know whether a particular ingredient is harmless or harmful. If you check the ingredients found on your every skin-care product, you’re supposed to believe that they are actually “healthy” otherwise, why would they be allowed to be sold in public. Expensive skin-care products that are out in the market are most likely link to have a mixture of a dangerous chemicals and synthetic ingredients.
    Anything that you apply on your skin and all its ingredients will be absorb into your body. Applying creams and oils is the same from eating them, this is how the process works; harmful ingredients will enter the blood-stream and be absorbed through the skin! In the U.S., the federal law allows cosmetics industry to pour out hundreds of synthetic chemicals mixed in with personal care products, these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and a lot of major diseases. That is why on a logical sense, we should look for alternative personal care products that re safe and friendly to our health.

    Many people are moving over to natural, plant-based, organic personal care products and for good reason! There are many reasons to start making your own products, here are a few:
    1.) It is beneficial for your health to limit the amount of exposure of toxic chemicals to the skin.
    2.) It is also beneficial to the environment as less toxins will be going down the drains.
    3.) You will be producing less waste from bottles and other packages.
    4.) Over time, if enough people started doing this it could help put an end to animal testing.
    5.) Making your own everyday personal care products can be very economical over time.
    6.) It can be fun to customize and experiment with your favorite smells and oils.
    7.) Making your own products can bring peace of mind as you know exactly where the ingredients are coming from and what they are.
    At first, when you look at the ingredient lists …

    Safety must come first, you can’t be too careless about those harmful elements that can enter your system, they will establish a threat on your health.

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