• Challenging Pharma’s Integrity

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    So there you go, the corruption, fraud and bribery on congress concerning huge pharma scum bags getting away with the crimes they’re supposed to answer to are finally expose. But are we supposed to be happy about it? Did we hear someone goes to jail because of their failing products that risk the lives of the consumers? Whenever you buy a medicine hoping that you’ll get better with your sickness you don’t really think about the odds or the chances that the certain medicine you just purchased has side effects or need to be recalled for safety reasons, this because instead of worrying, you automatically assumed that its 100% safe and will get you better afterwards.

    Almost every year big pharma giants are spending billions of dollars in paying for the damages caused by their products and fraud with their system, wrong information of the data they released and other such corruption link to them. The thing about paying fines and damages is that nobody goes to jail, the sum of money that was given will only translate to bribery since nobody is punished. Fines should not outweigh the victims cry out on the issue. They can always pay the fines but there’s no stopping them from endangering the public. And the writer of this article finds it a grave non-sense.

    What happens when the ‘Average Joe’ gets caught committing a crime? He or she usually gets the book thrown at them, most often spending time in the slammer. However, what happens when “corporations too big to fail” get caught with “their hands in the cookie jar,” so to speak? Not very many folks pay the time, but the corporate treasury pays the fine. Why? Apparently, large sums of money can “absolve corporate sins” time after time after time. One industry that has had enormous fines levied against it is the pharmaceutical industry, also known as Big Pharma.

    It is the opinion of this writer that Big Pharma’s corporate largess is too tempting to resist by federal government agencies, and fines work nicely. Pharma’s lobbyists spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year contributing to congressional campaign coffers, which should be outlawed because it is nothing short of bribery—plain and simple. Obviously, …

    Pharmaceutical fraud is pretty much existing in all parts of the world, there are always cover ups and connivance with different agencies. Pharma’s integrity has already collapse, but consumers have no choice because the demands of their service is very high. But such magnitude should not warrant them to abuse the public. To think, this controversy is no longer new yet the congress has not yet pass has not propose a sticker law regarding fraud and corruption address to the company responsible for this ill industry. How many more lives should be missed up because of their mistreatment, this should be stop.



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