• Survival/Prepping: Everyday Items That Can Be Used

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    Putting together a survival bag can appear to be a daunting task at first and if you buy all the recommended survival items, the dollars add up quickly. It does not have to be an economic burden however because there are many things in your home that can be used, repurposed if you will, for virtually any survival situation.

    Our homes, cars, offices and even dustbins are full of stuff that we barely give a second glance to. Many of those items are multi-purpose and can be used for prepping and/or in situations where our survival is challenged. Being able to adapt and use regular everyday items that you have around you is an important skill and can make a real difference to you chances of survival.

    When we think of these situations our minds often imagine us stuck in the wilderness in a snow storm…or freezing to death stuck on the M25. It all depends on where you live as to the situation you could find yourself in.

    Although it’s a fact that large cities will be far more dangerous than a rural retreat should the SHTF, many people will not leave. Some just have nowhere else to go, others couldn’t leave other relatives undefended and some make a conscious …

    What we seldom talk about though are the little survival items that people can forget. These are often the easiest to procure, least costly and seemingly simple items that a lot of you may have around your house already. If not, you might kick yourself if the SHTF and you were without some of these.

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