• Butter –Vindicated! Over Heart Disease Issue

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    Butter_50cm_x_50cmYour good old Butter is one of those foods that can transform a nonabrasive meals into a blistering piece of cuisine. It is only now that butter is receiving praises from people especially in the world of culinary but in the past few decades, it had gone through the frying pan of scrutiny because it was blamed for almost everything that cause negative on health, from obesity to heart disease. Now, I think the table has finally turned to its favor. Just recently, butter has been making a good comeback and being labeled as one of the healthiest food there is around in its kind.
    As a matter of fact, butter is even healthier than margarine. Butter is just labeled “healthy” there are people however who still have a hard time believing it. Well, I can somehow relate to them because just like them I always thought that butter was no good at all? It is believed that butter makes you fat and margarine is a lot healthier option. Well, I guess we are all wrong about butter.

    Saturated Fat or Trans Fat—Which Really Causes Heart Disease?
    As noted in the June 23, 2014 Time Magazine cover story5 and the Today Health video6 above, refined carbs, sugar, and processed foods are the real enemy—not the saturated fats found in foods such as butter, lard, or eggs.
    Part of the confusion on fats revolves around its impact on LDL cholesterol, often referred to as “bad” cholesterol. According to the conventional view, high LDL is correlated with heart disease, and saturated fat does tend to raise LDL. However, we now understand that there are TWO kinds of LDL cholesterol particles:

    Small, dense LDL cholesterol
    Large, “fluffy” LDL cholesterol
    The latter is not “bad” at all. Research has confirmed that large LDL particles do not contribute to heart disease. The small, dense LDL particles, however, do contribute to the build-up of plaque in your arteries, and trans fat increases small, dense LDL. Saturated fat, on the …

    Processed food being a culprit of heart disease, should be labeled properly so that people, the consumers will know how these foods can affect our health in a major way.

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