• Big Step Taken In Second Life For EV Batteries

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    The number one advantage of an electric vehicle is that no gas is required. One example is the Chevy Volt. It has a battery range of 40 miles. That means it can drive for 40 miles without using gas. 40 miles is more than the range of an average commute to work, so you can go to and from work using no gas. With minimal gas usage comes great savings. You do need gas in the Volt in case your battery runs out or you go for a long distance. However, the amount of fill ups per year will be much fewer with an electric vehicle

    The value proposition of electric vehicles (EVs) goes beyond switching an engine block for a battery. Part of this value lies in their ability to not only fit within, but also support society’s transition to higher use of variable renewable energy resources.

    In a clean energy transition, a critical question is how can we store the energy when we do not need it, so that we can use it when we do?

    One answer might be in using the batteries in EVs for energy storage. Broadly speaking, you can divide up EV battery storage in three ways:

    • First, you could use them as part of a vehicle-to-home (V2H) system, in which your home, EV, and solar panels (for example) are all interlinked using a power controller unit, largely bypassing the electricity grid itself. Nissan has already sold more than 2,000 LEAF-to-home kits in Japan, partly because of its utility as emergency backup in …

    The first disadvantage is price. Electric car batteries are not cheap, and the better the battery, the more you will pay. For example, the Chevy Volt has a 40 mile range and sells for around $30,000. Compare that to the 250 to 300 mile range of cars made by Tesla Motors, which sell for anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000. Even though it is a quiet ride, silence can be seen as a disadvantage. People like to hear cars when they are coming up behind them or beside them, and you can't hear if an electric car is near you. This has been known to lead to accidents

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