• Anxiety Level – Higher Risk Of Having A Stroke

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    The negative health effects of anxiety, such as increased coronary heart disease risks, have long been documented and accepted in the medical community. But now, research suggests that individuals with high levels of anxiety have an increased risk for stroke.

    Natural Health News — The greater the anxiety level, the higher risk of having a stroke, according to new research.

    Over a 22-year period, researchers studied a nationally representative group of 6,019 people 25-74 years old. Their results were published recently in the American Heart Association journal Stroke.

    Participants underwent an interview and took blood tests, medical examinations and completed psychological questionnaires to gauge anxiety and depression levels.

    Researchers tracked strokes through hospital or nursing home reports and death certificates. After accounting for other factors, they found that even modest increases in anxiety were associated with greater stroke risk.

    People in the highest third of anxiety symptoms had a 33% higher stroke risk than those with the lowest levels.

    “Everyone has some anxiety now and then. But when it’s elevated and/or chronic, it may have an effect on your vasculature years down the road,” said Maya Lambiase, PhD, study author and cardiovascular behavioural medicine …



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