• Antibody And It’s Deception

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    Antibodies can be used to immuno-localize a particular antigen in a tissue (immunohistochemistry). Tissue can be fixed and incubated with the antibodies of interest. These antibodies can then be localized using a ‘secondary' antibody coupled to a gold particle or another enzyme that gives a chemical reaction like horse radish peroxidase or beta galactosidase. A secondary antibody is frequently made by generating an immune response to the Fc region of the primary antibody in another species. Thus, if the primary antibody is a mouse IgG, then the secondary could be a rabbit anti-mouse antibody which has been linked to beta galactosidase. Alternatively the antibody can be purified and then conjugated to another molecule to produce a fluorescent antibody.

    by Brandon Turbeville
    Over the last several years, more and more people have become aware of the enormous dangers of vaccination. This is due, in large part, to the tireless work of a number of researchers and activists who have pointed out the horrific side effects attached to the use of toxic vaccine ingredients such as aluminum, polysorbate 80, thimerosal, and squalene among a host of other harmful results of vaccination that can manifest in lasting impairment and even death.
    Yet, the pharmaceutical industry, medical doctors, and corporate media outlets continue to push toxic injections as the only way to prevent disease and ridicule those individuals who refuse to take seasonal flu shots and other vaccinations as crackpots and paranoid conspiracy theorists. Even those individuals who have been afflicted with the negative side effects of vaccines are themselves attacked and marginalized after coming forward with their injuries.
    Still, after all of …


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