• According To USDA: GMOs Bring Few benefits

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    Advocates of genetically modified (GM) foods also argue that, contrary to popular belief, GM foods cause less environmental damage than their unmodified counterparts. This is because foods can be engineered to be pest-resistant, decreasing the amounts of toxic chemical pesticides that need to be applied to plants and crops. In addition, GM advocates say, the components of a genetically modified plant that drive insects away are not harmful to human consumers.

    Natural Health News — After more than 15 years of using genetically modified crops, the impacts on the environmental and on food production are mixed, and high farmer use of a popular herbicide on GM crops is a cause for concern, according to a report issued by the US Department of Agriculture.

    The report, Genetically Engineered Crops in the United States, which also noted some small benefits to farmers from GM crops, comes at a time when these crops are under intense scrutiny.

    Consumer groups, in the US and elsewhere, are demanding tighter regulation of crop research and production. In the US there campaigns for mandatory labelling of foods made with GM are gaining momentum.

    Environmentalists are voicing increasing alarm about weed resistance and insect resistance to the crops and the chemicals used on them; and scientific studies are reporting that the chemicals used on the crops, and the …


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