• A Time to Forgive and Time to Forget

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    The bottom line of human division is our ability to think differently –we individually have a unique way to reason out and interpret inner thoughts and ideas which we always have in almost every minute of our lives. Think about something for a second and the other guy would think through it with a different Ideas. The writer of this article finds it interesting to associate forgiveness and forgetfulness towards transgressions. Here we’ll try to understand how these two elements work and ask; is it even achievable? –when one forgets the mistreatment He/She receives form other individual. This issue is directly link to health illnesses. It is said that the result of hatred to one’s self is ailments, it occurs in a different forms, sometimes prolonged anger or forgiveness triggers sickness in our body and would often translated as stress, high blood pressure, insomnia and a lot more.

    For some people, forgiveness is define in various ways, and rendered in different manner, some believe that forgiving is cleansing to their soul, others for some reason are just forced to render it because of their religious belief, while some people just don’t mind about it and often forgets it. For Whatever reason you felt why it is important to forgive and forget it is because if you don’t –something inside of you reacts and often resulted to a negative effect, on you mood, mind and body. There are continuous studies that links Hatred to ailments, and forgiveness to wellness.

    The findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

    “It is well established that learning to forgive others can have positive benefits for an individual’s physical and mental health,” says Saima Noreen, lead author of the study. “The ability to forget upsetting memories may provide an effective coping strategy that enables people to move on with their lives.”

    From the perspective of cognitive science, overcoming strong negative emotions toward the person who did us wrong and quashing impulses for retribution or vengeance – processes that are critical to forgiveness – may be seen as a function of executive control.

    And research suggests that this executive control is also involved in our ability to forget something when we’re motivated to forget it.

    Noreen decided to examine whether this same cognitive mechanism might form a link between forgiveness and forgetting.

    The study involved participants reading 40 scenarios that contained hypothetical wrongdoings, …

    For whatever reasons, intentions and purpose of different people concerning the manner of they forgive, I believe (in my own opinion) that forgiving someone is knowing that we too are transgressors. That forgiveness is not held but shared to everyone whose kindness is limited but understandable. The most humble act a man could render to a fellow man is forgiveness. It sets you free from yourself, being prone to anger, hatred and negative mood that’s what make us so human, when you try to step out from it; you should learn how to forgive first.

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