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    After a holiday season full of decadent goodies and drinking probably a tad too much, I’m ready to kick my health into high gear. So, when Albertsons supermarkets asked me to develop a healthy, fresh recipe using their private label products, I thought the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Whipped up this Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili because it’s full of flavor, has tons of fiber and protein, is low in fat, and contains simple, real ingredients. The best part, though, is that it’s pretty much a “load and press go” recipe. Just combine all the ingredients in your slow cooker, turn the heat on, and when you come back a few hours later it’s all done!

    Chili is a comforting dish to serve in the winter and, if you make it correctly, it can be quite healthy, too. While chili is usually made with beef and tomatoes, today’s recipe is made with chicken and no tomatoes at all.

    Pasture-Raised Organic Chicken Is a Surprisingly Healthy Food

    Many people believe chicken is a healthier alternative to beef due to its lower saturated fat content – but its low levels of saturated fat are not what makes chicken good for you (saturated fat is actually quite healthy and so is grass-fed beef, but that’s besides the point).

    Three Top Reasons to Avoid CAFO Chicken

    Chicken from CAFOs is typically much cheaper than organic, pasture-raised chicken, but its low cost comes at a steep price. The hidden costs of inexpensive CAFO chicken can be divided into three categories:

    “Chickens have nervous systems similar to ours, and when we do things to them that are …

    As long as we're adapting this recipe to our own personal taste, perhaps you're looking for an extra dose of creaminess here? If that's what you're craving, make a quick white sauce thickened with flour and whisk that into the chili toward the end of cooking. Instructions for this are in the Recipe Notes at the end of the recipe.

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