• When McDonald’s Commercial Goes Wrong!

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    4282658992_3e72772b5d_z_2The good old McDonald's we all know seems to insist that their products are ‘Healthy”, but for some people, there’s more to their food than what they say in the commercial. The truth is; the establishment does not offer real good food, by this I meant healthy edible products which are often refer to as “junk food” they are serve with high level of fats, salt and sugar . This kind of diet triggers or attract major diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Their food contains different chemicals particularly additives that may result to poor-health. There had been recorded incident in the past that linked meat as a cause of food poisoning cases.
    For decades now, McDonald's has come under fire for a number of reasons, mostly offences concerning their food. In an incident that relates to the level of temperature on a cup of coffee they served to a customer; in the 1992 a customer filed a case against McDonald's after she spilled coffee on her lap and suffered third-degree burns, the woman got hospitalized for 8 days. Since then McDonald's had been receiving hundreds of other complaints and pretty much start a wild fire effect on people. Now a days coffee is no longer the issue, costumer is facing a huge problem with the food that you old Mc Donald’s is serving.

    This is a segment from Russia Today's (RT America) show called Redacted Tonight, airing Friday nights at 8pm ET. It is a new show hosted by social activist comedian, Lee Camp (not in video).
    And this is what it might look like if a highly informed consumer walked in to do an audition for McDonald's – do you think it would make the cut?\

    Its not easy to avoid food that you have loved for so long, but in this case -one should make a decision to whether or not to leave Mc Donald's diet. This should be something that people must think about when they choose to eat outside.

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