• Wavering Credibility on Vaccine Reviews

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    cdc-logo-200wReviews are being made so that correct and comprehensive information of a certain data will be publish and become a reliable tools for everyone who will have access on that information. Suppose we are given a detailed information about a certain product, so detailed that in fact its content is so convincing and led us to believe what we are reading was true. From a wrong point of view people will start to believe what is falsified twisted and orchestrated information just to advance a certain product.
    For many years now it is believe that the reviews we read on the internet, newspapers and all sorts of media schemes are not 100% true but are already influence by these huge key players, big pharma and other organizations. Imagine for many years they were able to give us wrong information, I’m not even talking about clothing or food, I’m talking about medicines! What an ill industry we have right now concerning businesses on the medical sector. Why are we allowing this people to take money from us in exchange to for some unknown medicines? Clearly we have been cheated and they are not even sued for that.

    Just months after U.S. Congressman Bill Posey compared the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s vaccine safety studies to the SEC's Bernie Madoff scandal, malfeasance in the CDC's studies of thimerosal-containing vaccines has, for the first time, been documented in peer-reviewed scientific literature.
    165 Studies Have Found Thimerosal to be Harmful
    While the CDC states on its website that “low doses of thimerosal in vaccines do not cause harm, and are only associated with minor local injection site reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site,” the journal BioMed Research International now provides direct evidence that the CDC's safety assurances about the mercury-containing preservative are not fact-based, according to the article's lead author,Brian Hooker, PhD.
    What most people do not realize is although the FDA gave a two year deadline to remove thimerosal from vaccines after the deadly neurotoxin was banned in 1999, they continue to appear in vaccine formulations to this day.
    Factually, …

    These giant pharma have truly made a messed out of these reviews falsified for their own interest. It is not enough that we just exposed them, they have to answer all the lies that they have implanted to us. They should not only be ask for a bigger fines but someone or somebody from their group should be put behind bars for this fraud.

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