• Research: Sex Stimulates Brain Function

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    Several mechanisms are potentially involved. In sex, there is exercise, and the Princeton rats coupled vigorously for an average half hour. Sex also markedly increases oxytocin levels, a hormone that makes people feel warm, fuzzy, and close to other humans, as well as dopamine, a critical neurotransmitter for the reward system. Lowering cortisol may also make it easier to grow new brain cells.

    Scientists from the U.S. and South Korea performed a series of experiments on rats and mice of middle age and came to interesting results.

    Researchers at the University of Maryland found that sexual experience stimulates the development of new neurons in the hippocampus, which is responsible for the transition to long-term memory.

    Several tests showed that after a series of sexual acts the process of neurogenesis in aging rats accelerated, and their brains actually became younger.

    However, the suspension of the process of sexual activity slowed down the process of regenerating neurons and all the improvements in the higher brain functions came to naught.

    At the same time, a group of scientists from the Konkuk University of the South Korea concluded thatfrequent sex successfully counteracts the negative effects of stress on the brain.

    That stress is a major inhibitor of reproduction of neurons in the brain and sexual acts restore this function.

    However, according to recent studies by psychologists at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, pornography adversely affects the memory and …

    Of course sex is healthy, but did you know that a good sex life can provide specific health benefits? We spoke to the experts to find out just how sex improves our health (not that you needed any convincing). While sex will never equal a kickboxing class or a session of strength training, the fact that you're getting some sort of a muscular workout is undeniable.



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