• Raw Food –Serve for bigger Blast of Energy and Nutrition

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    028_cc2-1024x719Generally speaking, raw food is called live or living food, these are foods that have not been cooked or exposed to a temperatures over 118″F. it is believe that if a food is cooked at this temperature, its natural enzymes are completely annihilated. The thing about Enzymes is that they are essential for all the chemical processes done in your body, especially in our digestive system. Moreover, nutrients are known to be an active chemicals, thus, when they are heated on a certain heat temperature it will cause chemical reactions, which means any alteration of these chemicals is crucial when it comes to proper nutrients that our body needs. Actually the higher the heat, the more likely it will be altered, or worst, it will be totally destroyed.
    Raw food diet is express in so many ways. Most people who follow a raw food diet are vegetarian. Some would eat raw seafood products, they also prefer raw milk, cheese, sashimi and raw meat. Some people will only eat raw foods. But to give you a better options regarding raw food. Here’s some of the reasons why you should try raw food diet.

    Raw vegetables and fruit offer valuable enzymes and essential vitamins and minerals. The benefits are far reaching and have the potential to cure many health issues including:
    1. Weight Loss
    Those that eat a vegetarian diet have a lower body weight than those who eat meat, according to Fruits and vegetables contain no cholesterol, are naturally high in fiber and low in calories, which often results in weight loss for those who transition to a raw plant-based diet. Proponents of this diet do not add high-calorie fats, such as butter or cheese, to their vegetables, nor sugar to their fruit, which also keeps the caloric content low and aids in weight loss.
    2. Nutrition
    Raw food allows you to absorb all of the enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals contained naturally. Fruit and vegetables are loaded with healthful potassium, Folate and vitamins C and A, which can help maintain a healthy blood pressure, protect …

    There are a lot of good diets out there, in fact all of them are healthy practices, at least they are mainly done for no other reasons but for health.

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