• Preserve Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: Pad Your Pantry

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    At the end of Thanksgiving, it is safe to say most people have an enormous amount of leftover food.  You could just reheat these leftovers and eat them for the next week, or you can work on your culinary creative skills and make them into something completely new.  Healthy Kids Today has complied a list of what to do with all that leftover food.  Try learning something new with all your leftover Thanksgiving food.

    The day after Thanksgiving, most people’s refrigerators are so full with leftovers that getting the door shut requires the family engineer to play Tupperware Jenga with all of the containers of food.

    Inevitably, in many households, much of the leftovers go to waste after the 10th turkey sandwich in a row.  In this economy, none of us can afford to let anything go to waste, however. There’s a lot more you can do with those leftovers besides referring to your book of 101 Ways to Make a Turkey Sandwich. The preserving goes way past turkey – there are lots of tasty ways to preserve your other leftovers too.


    Nearly all leftovers can be successfully frozen and used in other meals.

    • Freeze vegetables in cheese sauce to be used later in a pureed soup.  Cheesy cauliflower and cheesy broccoli soup are big hits in our household.  Simply thaw the veggies in cheese …

    Many families cook a feast for the friends and relatives invading their homes. As a result, they end up with enough leftovers to feed an army. Let’s face it; even if you plan ahead, there’s still a chance you won’t manage to eat all of your Thanksgiving dinner.

    While you may have made too much food and thrown away your leftovers in the past, this year you can prevent your Thanksgiving dinner from ending up in a landfill with the other estimated 133 billion pounds that will be there by the new year.

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