• Portable Survival Kit: 8 Essential Items

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    Although people may not consider their office or place of business to be the location that is most important to them, for many it is where the majority of their time is spent. While it is not the most glamorous or comforting concern to think about what would happen if an emergency were to occur at the office, it is a practical matter that should certainly be considered by anyone who manages an office, or who works at one. After all, while working in an office there are many types of emergencies that could befall a worker.

    There is a popular school of thought that dictates that your survival kit should follow you everywhere. Within this context I am not referring to a bug-out-bag or a vehicle emergency kit but rather a small, portable survival kit that you carry with you during the normal course of living your life. This kit is commonly referred to as your EDC, or Every Day Carry.

    I feel that the term “EDC” is misleading because it implies a set of items that is always with you, no matter what. The reality is that you may have multiple kits and multiple EDCs, each suitable for a different set of circumstances.

    In my case, for example, I have a portable survival kit for running around the neighborhood, either on foot or by vehicle, and another for venturing into more populated urban areas. They both, however, have as their basis some basic, foundation items that I …

    The type of preparedness kit that most people are familiar with is the first aid kit. First aid supplies are certainly among the most important that should be included in any office emergency kit. This means including those things that are most helpful in a life-threatening emergency as well as those that help in the case of a less severe injury on the job.

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