• Naturally Cleanse Your Liver With 19 Super Foods

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    The reason behind detoxifying the liver emanates from a concern that over a period of time toxins are accumulating inside our bodies. Some toxins are pretty obvious; things like pesticides and other impurities in the atmosphere; some are by-products of processed foods, whilst other toxins are ones that are produced by our own bodies that have not been properly expelled. As these various toxins build up over time, they can begin to make you feel unwell, but often so gradually that it is difficult to define.

    Detoxification diets have been designed to rid your body of these accumulating unwanted toxins. The problem, however, is that the nature of detox diets requires that you give up particular types of foods and once you’ve finished the detox diet, you then gradually begin to introduce them again, trying to avoid those that are not particularly healthy.

    We live in a world where disease is constantly on the rise. This should come as no surprise as the environment we choose to surround ourselves with is extremely toxic i.e. our food, air, water etc. One great example is bleach, it’s one the most commonly used and relied upon cleaners in the world. But it can be very damaging to the respiratory tract just by inhaling the gases it emits from being used.

    Another example are pesticides, used en masse on our food, which have been linked to a number of health ailments. Scientists have been concerned about our toxic environment for a long time. Here is research showing how toxins commonly found in the environment can lead to a number of disorders, including autism.

    The list goes on; and the point remains, you do have a choice. Instead of surrounding yourself in a toxic environment, you can surround …

    What it all boils down to is that eating the right foods that will help your body to detox in a wholly natural way, the way Mother Nature intended; not forcing your body into an unnatural emergency cleanse, whereby you stop eating nutritionally rich food. It’s a much healthier way of ridding your body of unwanted toxins, and one which fits in perfectly with a holistic, health lifestyle.

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