• Monsanto to Students –Our Product is Good!

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    Corn-being-injectedMonsanto has definitely failed to convince the present generation to patronize their crops and other products. The future of the company seems to be block by boulders of criticism from everywhere, it had been involve in different cases involving the safety of the public regarding food and health. For many years they have devout themselves to finding the right formula in creating a healthier version of an existing crops or product, they were able to assimilate the production of these products and even surpass them by increasing their barnyard all over the country.
    The company now is struggling because of the odds they encountered from people, groups and even the government. Rallies after rallies are being done to stop their activities in the fields and in the lab. Their products are still allowed to be sold in the market, but they are labeled as non-organic, which have resulted to a slow buying activities from the public’s preferences for food. Monsanto is persistent enough pursuing the public and not giving up without a fight, they are now teaching in some of the schools in the US, they are luring the students in an educational form of approach, they have activities like showing them how to extract DNA from cheek cells, and these are taught in Grades 3-8.

    Monsanto reps gave each student a deck of playing cards as a gift. Their logo was on the front and general factoids about the world's food supply were on the back of each card. For instance, “America produces 30% of the world's soybean crops.” Nothing was mentioned about genetic modification or the company's other practices. They took the “leader in agriculture” approach.
    Next, students were subjected to 47 minutes of time with Monsanto, including a Power Point presentation. Steve's son recounts that Monsanto told them “all the good things” that Monsanto does. They emphasized that serious food issues were due to, not companies like Monsanto, but problems like food borne illnesses, and that people leave their food out too long and don't refrigerate meats. “It's the people's fault” was the take home message.

    Did you know that high fructose corn syrup isn't bad for you at all? That's what Monsanto taught the …

    Monsanto with all its resources cannot convince the present generation about the safeness of their products. That is why they are looking on the future generation, educating them, slowly creating a foundation in the young minds that it’s ok to eat GOM products, that Monsanto is all good!

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