• Milk Thistle Puts The Brakes On Bowel Cancer

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    Natural Health News — New research has shown that silibinin, the active constituent in milk thistle extract, can help reduce inflammation in the gut as well as halting the development and replication of bowel cancer cells.

    The study was presented ahead of publication at this year’s American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting.

    Reducing inflammation

    The researchers focused on colorectal (bowel)  cancer stem cells, these cells which are self generating and thrive in conditions of inflammation.

    The researchers used an animal model. Mice chemically treated to develop inflammation-dependent colorectal cancer were given either silibinin or nothing at all.

    The results were clear: animals given silibinin showed less incidence of tumours indicative of colorectal cancer, whereas nearly all mice in the control group developed the disease.

    In addition, in the silibinin group, the researchers saw minimal colon inflammation, and minimal incidences of rectal bleeding and rectal prolapse as frequently observed in control mice.

    “Results indicate that …



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