• Medical Care –Unfit for some Elderly patients in the US

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    ElderlyHotelHospital-thumb-610x335-85060People who are aging are prone to sickness, this is because the regeneration of cells in their body will slow down, their metabolism becomes tardy and their immune system in general will no longer be fierce as it was before. When you are at sunset of your life everything seems to be idle, you don’t like to move much, eat much and other don want to talk much. Now these 3 things are so important when you become an elderly person:
    1. Move –when you reach the age of 40 you will start noticing your body not being able to move as swift as it was before, you will start to feel the pain in your joints when you do a task that would require them to bend and twist. This is because your tendons and ligaments are already worn-out because of your age.
    2. Eat –People that are aging don’t have as much as appetite for food as they used to have when they are a lot younger, this has something to do with their metabolism and among other factors.
    3. Talk –it is so important that an elderly person should constantly engage in a conversation. This is to keep him/her updated with what is going on around, the idea is to help their mind to be active.
    Although Elderly patients in the US are properly taken care of still there had been reports that Medical care program that are rendered to these patients is not entirely suitable for everyone. It was reported that there are elders who got injured and found not suitable with the existing treatment.

    Nearly 20% of Seniors Are Injured by Medical Care
    A new study of more than 12,500 Medicare patients (with an average age of 76) found that nearly one in five suffer from medical injuries when receiving care.1 Injuries included:
    Being given the wrong medication
    Having an allergic reaction to a medication
    Receiving treatment that led to more complications of an existing medical problem
    Those who had experienced a medical injury had a death rate nearly double those who had not, along with greater use of medical services and increased health care costs in the year following the injury.
    While the media often focuses on medical injuries in hospitals, this study actually found that two-thirds of injuries occurred during outpatient care (such as doctor’s offices).
    Previous studies have found about 13.5 percent of hospitalized patients suffer from adverse medical events, but the featured study found about 19 percent of seniors are harmed by medical care.
    Older people, men, those …

    The government should take a closer look on what is happening to the minority of these elderly patients who have been injured because of what kind of health care they have.

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