• Making Your Own Food Pantry at Home

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    If one would go to the grocery stores and shopping markets, you will see many added preservatives, neurotoxins, genetically-modified foods, and anti-biotics that are chemically manufactured. One cannot keep up with a healthy lifestyle if you constantly rely on the food products sold in the public market (unless if you are certain the food product is clean, and natural and you know the source of these items). Because of the raising awareness of chemically modified and artificial food products growing exponentially around the world, one has to plan a solution or remedy for one's health needs. One brilliant idea is making a food pantry composed of plant-based products such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices that are home grown so in that way you can be sure that it's healthy and nutritious.

    You might think starting a home project like this could extremely be difficult. However, with the right set of mind, you can make this happen. By taking steps to grow your own food, you can trust that you have a rich supply of all the plant-based products that you would be needing for your daily healthy lifestyle.

    So What Do You Need to Get Started?

    Proper Equipment: Your investment in this venture is simple: garden supplies, seeds and small trees, a few tools (dehydrators, oil expellers, canning equipment) and time. Although growing your food is more of an agrarian type of pantry system, this is the best way to learn self-reliance as well as the best way to help you learn how much food your family needs to thrive.

    Start Small: As with all prepping endeavors, start small and don’t get in over your head. Start a vegetable/herb garden and then accent it with additional beds for berries and grains. Once this is established, start adding fruit bearing and nut bearing trees.

    6 Essential Food Types To Grow Your Own Food Pantry

    1. Herb garden – Herbs are one of the easiest additions you can make to a garden. Best of all, they like a little abuse and don’t require as much water as vegetables do. A …

    Having to make your own food supply right at your backyard may not require so much space. We can be practical and creative–even if you are in the city. As small as half an acre is already enough to make a sustainable garden. Being self reliant and assertive in this kind of venture is within your reach for as long as you are patient and determined. It definitely requires careful planning and a lot of resourcefulness to get this job done. After all, once you have structured a food pantry for your own, the health benefits and rewards are endless and worth the time. So start planning today and live a truly healthy lifestyle at home.

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