• Hypnosis Cures Sleeping Disorder?

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    53076ff68b2aa.imageHow many times you have experience sleeping while your mind is wandering around and you can’t seem to control it. There are many reasons why you can’t sleep even if how comfortable you are in your bed, thou it is often pointed out to be insomnia but it is not limited just to that. There are factors why this type of problem occurs regularly or randomly. Our body has a clock, it has a program of its own, and if you violate rules, you’ll get the consequences you earned, basically its cause and effect principles. Part of your body’s program is sleeping, your brain is hardwire to direct your whole body to sleep. This is basic needs.
    Sleep deprivation could lead to different illnesses or what I called “consequences” from violating the rules. It is a simple logic, when you defy your own body, you will hurt yourself. Due to these event, your mind will have a hard time copping up with the alteration of your body clock, as a result your brain will lose its right tuning. This is where trouble comes in, one of the consequences is when you can’t sleep no matter how hard you try. There are studies however that claim to have found the cure, through hypnotism.

    Brain waves ­– an indicator of sleep quality
    Hypnosis is a method that can influence processes which are very difficult to control voluntarily. Patients with sleep disturbances can indeed be successfully treated with hypnotherapy. However, up to now it hadn’t been proven that this can lead to an objectively measurable change in sleep. To objectively measure sleep, electrical brain activity is recorded using an electroencephalogram (EEG). The characteristic feature of slow-wave sleep, which is deemed to have high restorative capacity, is a very even and slow oscillation in electrical brain activity.
    70 healthy young women took part in the UZH study. They came to the sleep laboratory for a 90-minute midday nap. Before falling asleep they listened to a special 13-minute slow-wave sleep hypnosis tape over loudspeakers, developed by hypnotherapist Professor Angelika Schlarb, a sleep specialist, or to a neutral spoken text. At the beginning of the experiment the subjects were divided …

    Thou this is a bit interesting to find out if this thing is true or not –it is equally important to take care of your body, get enough sleep, and proper diet. We should recognize the rights of our body to stay healthy.

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