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    There is nothing supernatural with the use of natural home remedies to treat any kinds of illnesses. Fruits and vegetables as well as herbs and spices have been recommended to cure these. They have also been used as the earliest form of medicines. Old societies have used this form of treatment until they were replaced by modern medicines. However, many are still going back to the old style of treating illnesses for it has been proven to give more benefits than its over the counter counterparts.

    I took a walk outside yesterday. On that stroll I took a deep breath, and sighed because summer is sadly over. However, I’m certainly not concerned about catching a cold because of the cooler weather. In fact, I haven’t been sick in years.

    Traditional Chinese medicine has known the prescription for centuries. It’s simply the broth from animal bones. Bone broth soup is one of the best nutrient-dense healing foods. These bones contain collagen, gelatin, glycine, arginine, proline, conhondroitin sulphates, glycosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid, and loads of other nutrients. But the list is long and some of those names can be difficult to pronounce, so here are a few simple reasons I consume bone broth soup on a regular basis:

    Better Digestion: Bone broth soup can help heal the gastrointestinal lining, and treat digestive conditions, such as leaky gut syndrome. The bones contain plenty of the powerful amino acid glycine. I recall a …

    One thing to note though that while natural home remedies cure certain illness, modern medical treatments are still far better if you are treating major diseases. But one thing is for sure: if natural home remedies survived for no one knows how long, it is surely give effect in the easiest, fastest, safest, and cheapest way.

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