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    Bad odor is held a taboo in many parts of the world and this explains why the use of deodorants is very common and has become essential to many people’s everyday life. However, the use of deodorants has been surrounded by controversies in the recent years. Not just in line with their potential to damage the environment but also the health of users. There have been reports linking deodorants to cancer and other illness. Fortunately, today natural deodorants are available and you can get a good odor while at the same time you avoid any risks to your health.

    My bathroom cupboard holds an array of partially used natural deodorants. All of them now sit abandoned because they just don’t work well enough. I’ve tried everything – sticks, sprays, roll-on liquid, made by countless different brands — but by the end of a long day and an intense workout at the gym, there is inevitably a moment when I realize the natural deodorant just isn’t cutting it. So I revert to conventional anti-perspirant, feeling confident that I won’t smell, but uncomfortable with putting myself at risk for breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease (not to mention the host of other toxic chemicals included in conventional anti-perspirant and deodorant).

    Lately I’ve noticed a growing interest online and among friends in making homemade deodorant, but I always dismissed it as being another ineffective natural deodorant that wouldn’t keep smell or wetness at bay. When I finally mixed up a batch, I was amazed at the …

    Natural deodorants that do not contain aluminum compounds can help reduce odor from sweating. Ingredients like sage oil, lemon, citrus and rose are effective at masking body odor. Crystal deodorants absorb odors–but be sure to read the labels as some crystal deodorants have been found to have trace amounts of aluminum.

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