• Heart Disease and Diabetes Can Be Prevented With The Help Of Chia Seeds

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    Chia seed is one of the best seed that gives special benefits especially when it comes to the most important part of the organ system, the heart.

    by Dr. Victor Marchione
    Chia seeds are now a common presence in the North American food market. These tasty little seeds have been added to breads, baked goods, soups, and entrées.

    They have become increasingly popular mostly due to the positive press linked to the beneficial substances found in the seeds.

    Chia seeds are high in protein. Vegetable sources of protein can give your body a break from the often high-fat content of animal foods. Eating chia seeds will give you a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, along with important vitamins and minerals.

    Chia seeds have been used to meet the nutritional needs of peoples living in Mexico and Guatemala for centuries. The seeds have a delicate, neutral flavor and have a pleasant crunchiness.

    Chia seeds are rich in fats—the good kind, that is! There is some saturated fat in chia seeds, but the bulk of calories comes from its …



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