• Health: Coffee Can Prevent Tinnitus

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    That's about three cups per coffee drinker in the United States, where 83 percent of adults can't imagine life without their favorite cup of java.

    Add to that tea, caffeinated soft drinks and those infamous energy drinks, and you won't be surprised to read that 90 percent of us consume caffeine in some form or another each day. Is this a bad thing? Not entirely.

    One of the best and most reliable “health drinks” available is a simple, good ol’ cup of Joe. A few mugs of black coffee per day can do more than just keep you awake and stimulated. There is evidence showing that coffee can lower your risk of diabetes and liver disease and that it can promote a healthy heart. These are just some of the potential benefits of coffee, and there are likely more on the way.

    In fact, when I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee the other day, I came across a new discovery suggesting coffee may be able to stave off tinnitus.

    Tinnitus is a condition typically defined as “ringing in the ears,” but it can also produce symptoms like buzzing, humming, grinding, hissing, whistling, and sizzling sounds; your ears and heart can even seem like they’re beating in unison. It is an annoying condition that …

    It’s an important message because people have seen coffee drinking as an unhealthy habit, along the lines of smoking and excessive drinking, and they may make a lot of effort to reduce their coffee consumption or quit drinking it altogether, even if they really enjoy it. Our findings suggest that if you want to improve your health, it’s better to focus on other lifestyle factors, such as increasing your physical activity, quitting smoking, or eating more whole grains.

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